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Oilers win Draft Lottery, Jackets Will Pick Fourth

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The NHL draft lottery just concluded, and the Oilers ended up winning it. The Jackets will pick fourth. This now leads to speculation- who do the Jackets take at fourth overall? Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin will assuredly go 1-2, so there stands a very good chance the Jackets will have a shot at one of the big three defensemen- Cam Fowler, Erik Gudbranson or Brandon Gormley. Forward Brett Connolly is also in the mix.

At this point in time I am in favor of drafting Fowler, with Gormley as my personal second choice. Gudbranson is ranked higher than the other two, but his playing style is redundant with the current group of blueliners in the organization.

We'll have much more on the draft in the coming days.