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Remembering Mike Sillinger

Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski recently compiled a blog post titled, "Tribute: Local bloggers recall all 12 of Mike Sillinger's NHL stops," where he asked the opinion of bloggers from each market where Mike Sillinger played. There seems to be a common theme that nobody really remembers him vividly, but he seems to have been appreciated wherever he went.

Puck Daddy writes:

We're talking about a blue-collar center with underrated offense (he had 240 goals, 308 assists in 1,049 games) and a winning personality that thrived in this League for 17 seasons with 12 different teams; one whose journeyman status became the stuff of both legend and punchlines

See what I had to say about him over at Puck Daddy's blog!

Also, if you aren't familiar with it, please take a moment and check out the Two Degrees of Mike Sillinger.