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Simon Despres Quick Hits

Simon Despres
Simon Despres

For the remainder of the week leading up to the draft, I will be posting "quick hits" of player info for potential CBJ draft picks. First up, Simon Despres (I am posting these quick hits in a completely random order).

Drafted from: Saint John, QMJHL

Born: 7-27-91 in Laval, QC, CAN (age 17)

Height / Weight: 6'4'' / 205 lbs.

Position: Defenseman

Shoots: Left

About:  NHL Central Scouting’s Chris Bordeleau

"I think for a potential pro player, he's got the size and mobility. I've seen him many games, and he never seems to make a bad play. He's never going to get 100 points, but definitely, when you want a guy to play defense, he's your guy. He does it all, he'll block shots and he moves the puck at the right time."