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Game Preview: Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings - Game 4

This is it.

The Blue Jackets officially have nothing to lose. Let's keep it short and sweet. 

In order to win tonight, the Jackets need to do much of what they did on Tuesday -- except without any mistakes. Coach Hitchcock stressed that the second you make a mistake, Detroit puts the puck in the back of your net. 

We need to leave it all out on the ice, while playing smart hockey. We need Steve Mason to be Steve Mason. He hasn't received much support -- just 2 goals in 3 games -- but it's goals like Dan Cleary's that put the Wings up 2-0 on Tuesday that hurt most. He must make that save if we're going to have a chance.

As we've said all along, the Jackets must score first. I think they'll play a much better game if they can get an early lead. 

There's certainly pressure to not be swept, but there shouldn't be as much pressure as on Tuesday, with it being the first playoff game in Nationwide with their backs up against the wall down 2-0 to the Red Wings. Now, it's all or nothing.

What are your thoughts on tonight's game? Will the Jackets pull out a win and send the series back to Detroit?