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Beating Detroit

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What will it take for the Blue Jackets to beat Detroit in Game 3?

I'm interested to hear what others think is the best way to get a win on home ice this Tuesday.

My initial thought is go with Nikita Filatov -- he's shown that scoring touch, even at the NHL level. He adds another threat to the second or third line that the Wings would have to account for on defense. His strength, size, and defensive ability have to be the biggest questions. With the Blue Jackets scoring just 1 goal over 2 games, nothing should be out of the question. Filatov already has a hat trick to his credit in just 8 NHL games.

I can see justifications for any answer, though. Getting a good 30+ shots -- with some quality scoring chances -- on Chris Osgood would help tremendously.

On the other hand, we all know the team goes as its captain, Rick Nash, goes. Nash picking up a couple big points on Tuesday could boost the others around him.

So let's hear it, what's the best way to approach Tuesday?