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Shrapnel - 12/13 Edition

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Another frustrating loss. Just another bad game. These inconsistencies are crippling. Its time to start playing smart and not fancy.

And away we go!

From BlueJackets Xtra:

As Clint mentioned, Derek Dorsett broke his hand last night. I think he should lay off the fighting for awhile.

Before last night's game, here's where our guys are ranked in scoring. You can be at the top, Nasher, but we need more. Lead these guys!


Puck Daddy:

Puck Daddy showing off Bobby Ryan's goal from last night. I'm surprised there was no dishonorable mention for any of our guys.

GM Scott Howson gets no respect. To say he hasn't been one of the top 10 GMs of the last decade is a shame. His time in Columbus should have been enough to warrant a mention.



No call-up in the cards for the Jackets. Also, no word on how long Dorse will be out. *SIGH*


Blue Jackets TV:

State of the Union from GM Scott Howson.

Post game comments:

First words from Fredrik Modin.




Around the NHL:

Alex Kovalev hit the 400-goal plateau. Congrats for this impressive achievement.


Hey, we've been through worse, Jackets fans. Keep your heads up!


March On and Carry The Flag!!!