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Singing the Blues

The Blues were hungry and they deserved this win. They were fighting for their playoff lives and they came through. With the roster they have had this year they must get congratulations for their success. They certainly have steamrolled us lately this year.

Why do we not play well against teams who play like us?

4 Minors in the first period? This buries a team. Especially when facing a powerplay like the Blues. They burned us for two, that is what happens. I won't bother questioning the officiating, there is no excuse to take four minors.

I want to keep this one short tonight because I didn't see all of this one.

We've put a great deal of pressure on us to get a point. With the way Anaheim and St. Louis have played lately, you have to assume they will win. We need a point. If we do not get one we will be looking at the Sharks in the first round. I think we can play with any team in a short series, but I'd rather save a potential opponent like that for round 2.

We need a point. Preferably 2.

Fire Away, fill in my blanks tonight.