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Playoff Prediction Contest

I figured we'd run a little competition on the Cannon, to see who the daddy is.

RULES: Put your picks in the comments. Deadline 7:00 pm tonight.

Scoring: LOW Score Wins

You get 4 points for picking the losing team AND 1 additional point for each game off

For Example:
Boston vs. Montreal.

If I take Montreal in 7 and Boston Sweeps in 4 then I would get 4+ 3(games off) 7 points.

LOW Score Wins

Slash's Picks

Montreal vs. Boston : Boston in 4
Boston is just way too good and Montreal has not played well

New York vs. Washington : Washington in 6
I don't like Theodore or their offensive depth, but the Rangers have a terrible offense. I'll probably knock the Caps out next round regardless who they play.

Carolina vs. New Jersey : New Jersey in 6
New Jersey is my sleeper East Team I like their offensive balance.

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh : Philadelphia in 7.
This is definitely the best first round series and it was a tough pick for me. I like Richards and Carter. I think the Flyers will be able to ramp up the physical play.

Anaheim vs. San Jose : San Jose in 6.
San Jose gets a tough first round draw, but should beat the Ducks. The Ducks are the best 8 seed in a long time. I wouldn't be surprised to see an upset.

Columbus vs. Detroit : Columbus in 6
Not just the homer in me. I think the Jackets will come out blazing. I expect to see Umberger, Nash, and Torres to be a big time performers. I'd love to see us trot Brassard out there. If we play like we have at stretch this year, we could make a deep run.

St. Louis vs. Vancouver : Vancouver in 7.
St. Louis is the hottest team going into the playoffs and they have a chip on their shoulder. I expect them to make it a good series. I'm not as enamored with the Canucks offense as most. Vancouver will be pushed in this series.

Calgary vs. Chicago: Chicago in 6
If Regehr were healthy I would pick the Flames here. There defense is not good enough without him especially against the depth of the Hawks.

Case's Picks
BOS in 6
Boston is too much to handle for Montreal, one of the disappointments of this season. They'll make it a series though, simply because emotions will be on high.

WSH in 5
Lundqvist is the X factor, but New York's offense is just too... random to make a run. Too much elite scoring on the Capitals side.

NJ in 7
This is a tough pick for me. Carolina is my sleeper, and I think whatever team wins this series could go to the Finals. I'm picking New Jersey based on Marty Brodeur and the fact that guys like Parise really stepped up this season when the team needed him.

PHI in 6
Still not sold on the wingers Pittsburgh is putting out there with Crosby, Malkin, and Staal. Philly is just too balanced, but Malkin and Fleury will have a chance to carry their team.

SJ in 6
Anaheim will play them tough, but San Jose has too much balance. Elite players with experience at every position for the Sharks. This could really be their year.

CBJ in 6
I really think the Jackets will come out a lot stronger in Game 1 than most anticipate. 9 players on the roster have more than 20 playoff games under their belt. Nash seems to do his best when the pressure is on and he's on stage. They just need to win one game in Detroit and I think they can take this series.

CHI in 5
They swept Calgary in the season series, and I don't think the playoffs will be too much different, especially if Calgary can't get healthy.

VAN in 7
This was a tough pick for me. St. Louis is either going make an incredible run through the playoffs, or their going to fall flat and be exhausted from their run just to make the playoffs. I picked 7 games assuming the energy will still be there, but if one series could be a sweep, I would say this could be it.

Mac's Picks
Bruins over Habs in 5
Washington over Rangers in 5
Hurricanes over Devils in 6
Pens over Flyers in 7

Sharks over Ducks in 6
Wings over Jackets in 7
Canucks over Blues in 4
Hawks over Flames in 6