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Packing the Bags

So I just made my most recent three purchases...

2 Tickets to 4/16 Columbus vs. Detroit........$88
2 Tickets to 4/18 Columbus vs. Detroit........$112

2 Night stay in the 2 star Milner Hotel...... $200.

Total... $400.

A chance to see the first playoff win for the Columbus Blue Jackets.... priceless.

Get on board. On both Stub Hub and the Red Wings Ticket Exchange you can get plenty of great tickets.

There is a Stub Hub station .1 miles from the Milner Hotel which is 1.1 miles to the Joe Louis Arena. You can pick up your tickets there.

On the Ticket Exchange you can print the tickets out of your email.

It doesn't matter how you get there, just get there. Flood the Joe. Carry the Flag.