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Not So Fantastic

The first period was great. The third period was full of effort, but everything in between was not a great finale. The two quick goals got us a little too comfortable and the Wild stormed back on us tonight and we were caught on our heels. We have put our seed into the hands of the Ducks and Blues... at least we are in the playoffs, we all would have been happy with that at the beginning of the year.

I've never seen our team as aggressive as they were in the final 10 minutes. Dorsett, Boll, and Voracek had the most wheels tonight down the stretch and that directly created Dorse's beauty of a goal. The probably with being aggressive is that you are prone to counterattack, that is Lemaire's specialty and it got us tonight.

The start was great with the Captain getting us on the board early. Nasher was angry with himself on his 3rd period breakaway, but honestly he has carried us down the stretch. He has scored the big goals and that is what you hope for from your franchise player.

Russell is beautiful when he carries the puck up the ice until the point when he tries to make a play or shot. I can't understand why that is. His mobility is great, but he needs to work on a shot or something. Otherwise he'll just be a okay undersized puckmover.

Weight only played 3 minutes so I have to assume there is an injury. Hopefully we will get some bodies rested before the start of the playoffs. It would be nice to have a healthy Modin and *cough* Brassard *cough*.

The second line did not have a great night. They've been really good most nights but this was the quietest I've seen Vermette.

All in all, we are in the playoffs, we will have an attitude. We will be underdogs. I'd prefer the Nucks, but we have to go through San Jose or Detroit anyway.

Mancrush : Dorsett tonight. He was buzzing all night. The final goal was all effort. He gets it, he gets the intensity and I think he'll be great in the playoffs. We shall see.

Doghouse : Novotny. Hitch said he plays well and physical about 4-5 straight games and then he stops. He stopped tonight.

Do you think the stumbling finish will effect us in the first round? Fire Away.