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We at the Cannon Need Our Peeps

We at the Cannon understand that with internet crazes can move mountains. With strong evidence of our internet CBJ faithful we have been given a re-imagined Civil War identity, the Cannon itself, and Antoine Vermette. Most recently we have gotten some louder music at the Nat... Thank you.

Here is the next task...

Who will carry the flag for the first home playoff game?

Now this may already have been decided. For those of you who may not have attended many games, a selected local fan/person will skate a lap around the rink carrying the flag before each game and then deposit it in the center. I think we need to have some special people carry the flag for our playoff games. We need to get the Crowd Pumped from Second 1. This is where you, the Cannonites, come in.

PLEASE hit the comments with your suggestions for our playoff flag carrier. The best suggestions will become a poll that we can move on. Give a reason for your suggestion.

My first suggestion to get the ball rolling is Tyler Wright. He was an original and fan favorite. He had a long tenure and truly has meant a lot to the team and local community through Hats for Heroes.

FIRE AWAY with your suggestions.