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The Jackets team that iced tonight was unbeatable. We checked, we scored, we played stiffling defense. Calgary looked lost tonight. Chasing the Kipper sure was fun. The atmosphere in the Nat was top notch. I can't wait for a playoff game. It will bring a tear to my eye, no joke.

There were a lot of really great perfomances tonight.

Nash - He has turned into a great playmaker this year. He made two really nice passes that lead to goals. The first line played like a first line tonight. There were great. Malhotra got us on the board early and played a solid game. He looked healthy out there too. Juice and Nash both got 4 assists. That may be a first in franchise history. They made Robin and Dion look average all night.

The defense was great tonight. Hejda and Commodore were exceptional against their top players tonight. Iginla and Jokinen were pretty invisible.

Physicality. We answered the bell tonight. Klesla pounding on Bertuzzi's head was wonderful. Boll took some shots, but he delivered too. We have a team that will not back down to any team in the league. I was waiting for Dorse and Commie to drop them tonight too. We have a lot of guys that will scrap.

Honorable mentions for Kris Russell and Jakub Voracek for their 10 minute misconducts. Congratulations boys. I was waiting for Juice to throw down.

The PP was really good tonight. PP has a lot to do with confidence. We got one early and you could see the different. We got 2 tonight, (3 in Hitch's book). The movement was good and Json played big with two goals tonight. We have two solid units to roll out there, we need to get this sucker hot before the Playoffs.

Mason was big when needed tonight, especially on the PK. I've said it before, when he is playing really well, he doesn't look like he is playing hard at all. He is so quick and smooth. Personal favorite quote from the game tonight, "Mason's junk is so big he has no 5-hole."

Mancrush: Rusty Klesla. He played a fantastic game. His first tussle with Olli, was short, but I really want to see the video with Bertuzzi. I thought I saw him deliver a nice pop at the end. So nice to see Bertuzzi getting popped. He also is a human octopus when killing 5 on 3. Saucer pass or else.

Great game tonight. GREAT game tonight. This team wants it. I thought Calgary mailed it in. This team hasn't mailed on this year. This is a team to get on board with. They bring their hard hats every night.

I feel like we need new crowd chants. Perhaps individual player chants. I can't recall a good one since Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre. Hit the comments with your suggestions.

Whatever we do when need to make a statement in our home playoff crowd noise. We need to get recognized around the league. We need to be insane for 60. Get yourselves ready.