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Puck Daddy: Nash talks playoffs

For fans of The Cannon, I have to take a quick moment for thanks and to pat ourselves on the back. We're big fans of the work done on the Puck Daddy blog for all news hockey, and we were excited to see Clint's last game recap was referenced in a recent article.

Greg Wyshynski wrote a great post yesterday regarding Nash's role as the team's leader heading down the stretch, and the great fan reaction to the Blue Jackets success.
"He's thriving under new pressure every game: Playing with his team's postseason destiny in its hands; beating teams like the Red Wings late in the season; and knowing that the weight of a city rests on the captain's shoulders, as the fans crave their first taste of the playoffs."
Puck Daddy on Yahoo!

If you're a fan of hockey, you'll find his blogs entertaining and informative -- and I just wanted to pass along this good article for Jackets fans and to say thanks for the mention.