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My Thoughts on the Past Week

This past week has been a very eventful one for the Jackets, highlighted by what could be the goal of the year in the NHL.

Rick Nash looked to be the goat in the game against Phoenix, taking a late penalty leading to a Coyote powerplay goal, which tied the game. However, in the last minute of regulation Nash took an outlet pass from Mike Peca, and with top Phoenix rearguards Derek Morris and Keith Ballard standing between he and the net, Nash promptly undressed them and in an amazing show of skill, deked Mikael Tellqvist out of his jock and put the puck in the back of the net. Simply amazing.

Also this week, the Jackets put Duvie Westcott on waivers. Duvie was never a huge favourite of mine, i thought he was a serviceable offensive defender, who before injuries set him back was starting to develop into a solid point producer. He has since cleared waivers, and will report to the Syracuse Crunch. I wish him all the best down there, hopefully he can help the Crunch into a playoff spot.

The Jackets will face the Avs tonight, game three of a five game road trip. The Jackets beat the Coyotes in Phoenix, but lost to the Stars in Dallas yesterday afternoon. I think the Dallas game was a blip on the radar however. Going into the game against the Stars the CBJ had won four games in a row and the team is now healthy with Freddy Modin back in the lineup. I think that the team can go 4 for 5 on this road trip, and if they do, they will be legitimate playoff contenders.