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The Morning After

It looks like it's going to be a fun year to be a Blue Jacket fan. Now don't take this as if I see a Stanley Cup winner or even a playoff team. But the way the season has started, every game will have you wondering what team is going to show up. We have seen a couple of different teams through 8 games:

  • A physical team that can produce turnovers that lead to goals
  • A defensive trapping team that doesn't give up many scoring opportunities
  • A team that can ride their goaltending and penalty killing to produce shutouts
  • A team with skill that can score
  • A team that can dominate a game and still lose
  • A team that breaks down mentally and loses close games they could have won
  • A team that doesn't show up and gets hammered

This is a team that is still building chemistry and an identity. But they are becoming a team quickly. They have been able to put games in the past behind them and focus on the present. Their confidence in each other seems to be increasing. If they can get some balanced scoring like they did last night and continue their defensive dominance, yes I said dominance, this could be an interesting year.

So what team is going to show up tomorrow against St. Louis? We haven't seen the balanced high scoring team that pitches a shutout yet. Nice to dream.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.