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Follow up to "Is Beech the Answer?"

After last night's game, no.

I am at the point now where I am thinking Fedorov will really be our number one center on opening day. Hitch said this morning that Brassard will not be the number one guy, and with Beech, Novotny, and Zherdev all proving to be unable to handle the top pivot duties, that pretty much defaults Feds to top dog.

Here's a thought: Give Fritsche and Brule a shot. If Hitch is willing to give Beech an opportunity, then I think Brule and Fritsche have at least earned a chance. If one of these guys can prove to be the answer to the number one center question, then not only will there be stability on the top line, but it would also help with the logjam at right wing.

Try this on for size:

Nash - Fritsche - Vyborny
Modin - Fedorov - Brule
Chimera - Peca - Zherdev
Novotny - Malholtra - Beech

Some of Fritsche's best performances last year came while playing center. Brule has been one of the best players in camp, and I believe he has earned a top six spot. He is still developing, so playing on a line with two veterans will help him tremendously.