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NHL Realignment Rescue


Knowing full well the (not so) underhanded politicking that the NHL and NHLPA are doing with this whole realignment spat, my latest entry addresses as many of the issues as possible and actually makes sense. If only the millionaires vs. billionaires would show us the fans a little respect and start off the CBA negotiations with a show of good faith and pick (and stick with) a plan.

Wings' NHLPA rep Nik Kronwall says unfairness of playoff format was a big part of what he didn't like about the proposed realignment.


Tweet from the Globe & Mail's James Mirtle on Saturday morning

NHL Realignment


Looks like the radical four conference plan has been approved (as rumored it is the old Patrick Division + Carolina).

NHL Board of Governors Approve Four-Conference Realignment


Starting next season, the NHL will introduce four new conferences, a new scheduling format, and a new playoff format. Here's another NHL link on the realignment news. Teams in a 7-team conference will play their rivals 6 times a year (teams in a 8-team will alternate between 5 and 6 games) and all teams out of conference will play a home and home. The new (well old) playoff format will see conference games 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in the first round and the winners face in the second round. The four conference winners will reseed and battle it out Final Four Style for Lord Stanley.

NHL Realignment Project


24 weeks ago I undertook a project... just for fun, re-imagine the NHL once a week for an entire year. Some scenarios are somewhat based in reality and possible... others involve expansion, relocation and/or contraction and are only slightly plausible... while others are complete farce. Join me on the journey, won't you. FYI — being tired the next day after watching the Dallas Stars play so many in-division games on the Pacific coast, was the main inspiration for this insanity.

Isles' August 1st Vote Will Be Wang's Last Attempt To Develop Area


It's not Bruins-related at all, but in a day and age when re-alignment, expansion, contraction and relocation seem to be hot-button issues all at once, the fact that in just over a week the Islanders may be doing little more than waiting out their lease is an interesting prospect.

My take on NHL realignment


I've got a piece up on the front page of SB Nation about the need to realign the NHL.

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