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Season Preview part 1: The season that was

The season's coming, and today we start giving fans a look ahead at the upcoming 2013-2014 season, starting with a look back at how we got here.

Phoenix Coyotes Preseason Countdown: 48 Days

With 48 days remaining until the Coyotes' first preseason game, we take a look back at how last year's 48-game season came about.

Don't Cry for NHL Owners

When it comes to hockey team ownership, should we feel sorry for owners who lose money? Or should we envy them for getting to play with grown-up toys?

NHL Lockout Is Over

The NHL and NHLPA reached a tentative deal at 5:00 AM Sunday for a new collective bargaining agreement. The agreement is expected to be ratified by mid-week, with a 48 or 50-game season starting between January 15 and 20.

The Crazy 48

Some radical ideas for how to structure a shortened season.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Doomsday For the NHLPA?

All eyes will be on New York today, where talks are expected to continue between owners and players, and speculation builds that a 48-game season may commence later this month.

Blame This Goat

We need someone to blame, and I have just the goat for the job.

Do You Believe in the Power of Yes?

When put to a simple question as to whether we'll have a hockey season, NHL Vice Commissioner Bill Daly said "yes". Is such optimism to be believed? We may not know the answer to that for a few more weeks...

Bettman and Fehr (Try To) Save the World

I force Bettman, Daly, and the Fehr brothers to play a Cthulhu board game with me to teach them a lesson about teamwork.

Wilson on Bettman: "I obviously don’t like him"

Today we have a Nashville Predator actually saying something interesting(!) about the lockout, another call for the NHL to contract several teams, and progress for the advanced stats analysis crowd in both the NHL and NBA.

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