Game Previews

Backs Against The Wall


The Blue Jackets have one more chance to extend the series tonight. Win, or go home.

The Time Is Now


The Blue Jackets earned themselves an opportunity, and that opportunity comes tonight in Pittsburgh. If Columbus can somehow steal Game 5 on the road, well, I don't have to tell you what that means.

Short Memories, 60 Minutes


Game Four gives Columbus a chance to again answer and even the series. But, to do it, they need to have put Monday's game out of their heads.

Take Another Step Forward


The Jackets proved many things to themselves, the Penguins, and their collective doubters. Now, they return home to Nationwide Arena with a chance to take another step toward playoff glory.

Penguins / Jackets: Game 1 Preview


Put On Your War Paint

Finish The Right Way


The Jackets are still alive for any of the three possible playoffs spots, provided Philly continues to struggle and, well, provided the Jackets can beat the lowly Panthers.

In, But (Hopefully) Not Done


The Blue Jackets did what they had to do early in the week, nailing down a playoff spot. Now, with two games to go, there's still some work to be done if they have designs on moving up in the...

Well, At Least It's 1-0!


Obviously, no malice is intended toward the previous game and what happened (and any perceived is directed at the NHL itself), but we finally get to put this game to bed.

Close It Out In Style


The Jackets end their home slate tonight as the Coyotes come to town. Two points would put Columbus ever so close to clinching the right to have at least two more games at NWA.

Regain The Swagger


The Jackets had some swagger on Thursday night. They hung in against a good team on Friday, only to have their souls stolen Shang-Tsung style on Friday. No time for sulking.


No Rest For The Weary


Riding high from a big win last night, the Jackets don't get any time to rest on their laurels. Thankfully the Blackhawks also played last night. Whatever happens... JUST. GET. POINTS.

Still There For The Taking?


The Jackets are probably more focused on hanging on to a Wild Card, but let's not ignore that this game still has some significance in the Metro.

Like A Snowball Rolling Downhil


The Jackets have had four nights off in the last six days, so hopefully they'll be fresh for a crazy sprint to the finish. Eight games in 12 days starts tonight!



The Hurricanes started a dismal 1-3 slide for the Blue Jackets after securing a win in Columbus last week. Now it's time to take those points back.

Last Chance To Save The Season


That might be a bit much, but this game--if the Jackets want to continue having playoff aspirations--is absolutely huge.

Stakes Never Higher


It's probably hyperbole to say that this game is the biggest game in franchise history, but to this date it kind of is. It's Rick Nash night, and these two teams both need these two points in an...

Il s'agit de devenir fou!


The Jackets have had a day to get over their tough loss on Tuesday. They now kick off a crazy run to finish the season, including FIVE back-to-backs. It's about to get crazy.

The Calm Before the Storm


The Jackets welcome the free-falling Hurricanes to Nationwide before embarking on a ridiculous closing schedule to try to secure a playoff berth.

Mr. Todd's Wild Ride


Yes, that's a lame title. That said, it's going to be a wild run to the finish, and given how things ended up with the Wild last year and Todd Richards' history in Minnesota, I figured: why not?

Fishing For Second Place


The Jackets--with some help--could play their way into second place tonight. But, it will be a tall order against the Sharks.

Trying To Move Forward


The Jackets are back home tonight, and try to shake off the shocking circumstances of last night in Dallas.

Lone-Star Sequel


The Jackets and Stars rematch after last Tuesday's game in Columbus.

Cue The Imperial March...


Windy City Showdown


The Jackets come out of the trade deadline entering their toughest remaining stretch of games (in one man's opinion). A win tonight would be, how you say, huge.



Both teams on the second night of a back-to-back with travel, both teams fighting for their playoff lives in their last games before the trading deadline.

Game Preview #61 - Leaf Sweep


The Jackets look to make up some ground in the Wild Card as they have a chance for a season sweep against Toronto.

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