An Interview with NHL Trainer Ben Prentiss

Jeff Angus sits down to chat with NHL trainer Ben Prentiss, there's some interesting tidbits about Cam Atkinson in there. Check it out!

Columbus player wearing #2 in training camp?

Hey guys, I'm a Caps fan and I read Japers Rink all the time, which is what led me here to ask this question. I've got a CBJ helmet with #2 on it from training camp - the only problem is I don't know what training camp and I'm curious if any player wore it. It's a Reebok helmet with an Oakley straight cut visor, if that helps - I know it's a longshot but I figured you guys might have pics from training camp this year. Thanks!

Super Shot Search

Partner to the Usage Charts, Greg Sinclair also has shot charts in one place. That is, NHL-provided data on shot distance and location graphed in one place (and averaged, too). You can pick team shots, team shots with a particular player on ice, or shots for a player. It's pretty cool and has kept me preoccupied all evening.

Player Usage Charts

Remember those player usage charts (bubble graph charts) from last year? Those were the graphical representations of player zone starts, corsi values, and quality of competition and they were pretty cool. Well thanks to the work of Greg Sinclair, you can have usage charts all the time! Check out the link and nerd out while playing with the conditions and hovering over each player's circle to see detailed info.

Get to Know: Jarmo Kekalainen

The Blue Jackets have posted a nice introductory piece on new general manager Jarmo Kekalainen.

An Interesting Look at the CBJ's 2008 Draft

Despite the Filatov bust, the 2008 draft was actually one of our better ones.

Outlook Columbus on Gay Hockey Ohio / OSU Pride Night

Outlook Columbus takes a look at OSU signing the You Can Play pledge, the growth of Gay Hockey Ohio, and this Friday's Pride Night game against Notre Dame and Jackets' prospect T.J. Tynan!

Blue Jackets' Playoff Chances

Sports Club Stats is one of my favorite math-nerd websites. Each day, Ken Roberts' system simulates the rest of the season based on past results, and predicts the likelihood of a team making the playoffs. This site is flat-out awesome!

Chance Will Be a Powerful Contributor to the Playoff Bound

From the folks over at Fear the Fin, a look at how variance and luck will contribute to this shortened season. It's an involved and worthwhile read, but one of the takeaways for Jackets fans is that, "...teams will be unable to separate out by talent" over 48 games. Consider: John Davidson might be able to work and rebuild behind the scenes while puck luck helps this year's squad on ice. That kind of combo would be ideal.

Ryan Murray Has Successful Shoulder Surgery

The Blue Jackets announced today that defenseman and 2012 first round draft pick Ryan Murray had successful surgery to repair his injured shoulder, which he first injured on November 16th while playing for the Everett Silvertips. The recovery time is six months, and Murray is expected to make a full recovery. This would put him on schedule to be ready for training camp in the fall.


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