Bob's To-Do List

As you may have heard, Bob’s groin strain has put him on the injured reserve list for four to five weeks. We know what a hard worker he is, so it is no surprise that he had compiled a To-Do list of things he wanted to get accomplished. Now he’ll have to do them while recuperating this holiday season. He soon finds out that things may not turn out the way he originally planned.

#10 – Get outside lights up.

Since Bob won’t be climbing any ladders soon, Mike McKenna will be called in to do this one much to the relief of C-Mac. After all, that’s what backups are for, am I right?

#9 – Get out decorations.

"Too many Santas? Olga, my beloved, there can never be too many Russian Santas."

#8 – Put lights on tree.

"You want the lights to do what? Blink to music? Electrical engineer – I’m not!"

#7 – Finish reading the latest Fandorin mystery.

"Here you go. You can now improve your language skills," says Olga as she hands Bob a stack of Fandorin novels - all in English.

#6 – Watch a CBJ game, finally being shown on NBCSN.

"But Sergei, Hallmark channel has holiday movie marathon!"

#5 – Sign Christmas cards.

This year Olga has decided to design their own Christmas cards and someone will need to finish them before they can be signed. "What’s this?" "Colored markers, and this time, Sergei, please color within the lines."

#4 – Go grocery shopping.

This one is surprising as "to the store" Bob does not usually go. But Christmas time is different. As Bob quickly discovers the stores are now stocked with all those delightful holiday treats.

"Put down the bag, Sergei." "But, Olga, it’s Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti! Nicky says they’re delicious. Just like you."

#3 – Practice his Air Hockey skills.

Since celebrating the birth of daughter number three, the Tyutins are planning a night out courtesy of the Bobrovskys who have offered to babysit. Bob, while holding the youngest Tyutin in one arm, thinks he can beat the other two daughters at air hockey. The girls have other ideas and beat him handily.

#2 – Try out his mother’s dumpling recipe.

"Sergei, darling, could you try to get less flour on you and more in the bowl?"

#1 – Be back on the ice before Christmas.

And this one we all hope really happens, Bob! On behalf of your fans - wishing you a quick and complete recovery!

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