Pre-season Predictions At The Midpoint Of The Season

Okay, so the Jackets haven't played 41 games, yet, but they're close enough for this post. So, how did I do on my pre-season predictions? Let's check.

In response to RedStorm45's fanpost, Predictions For 2013-2014, I made the following predictions:

5th in the Met, missing the playoffs
Jenner is a finalist for the Calder
Johansen is traded at the deadline after another disappointing season

Well, the CBJ are 6th in the Met, 2 points out of 5th. While Boone is having a good season, there's definitely no chance he'll be in the Calder competition and Johansen is having a breakout season. So, it's obvious I screwed the pooch on those, though the Jackets are still in position to finish 5th or better.

In my own fanpost, Potential Metro Standings, I predicted the following:

1- Pittsburgh


3-5-Rangers, Ilses, Jackets

6- Philly


8- N.J.

And as of this date (New Year's Eve morning), the actual standings are:






6- Jackets



So, I got 3 1/3 (I give myself only 1/3 right for the Rangers) right. Where I screwed up is that I figured any team with Mase in goal was looking at a world of hurt and he's been solid, so far. I thought the Devils' age was going to hurt and, so far, they haven't been bad, just not good and Martin Brodeaur (sp) has been playing like the future Hall-Of-Famer he is, not an old man nearing retirement. And the Islanders, after looking like legitimate play-off contenders last year, have simply collapsed. Of course, there's still half a season left, so the standings are bound to change.

Looking at the second half of the season, I can't help but think that age is going to catch up to New Jersey and they'll slide down the standings some. Somewhere around sixth, I think. Having Mase and Emery in goal still concerns me, so I wouldn't be surprised if Philly suddenly implodes. On the other hand, Mase may have (finally) figured it out, so I'll say that Philly could finish anywhere from 3rd to 7th. The real battle in the Metro, in my opinion, will be for 3rd, as I don't see Pittsburgh or Washington faltering enough to fall out of the top two spots. Depending on what Philly does, I see the Rangers and Jackets slugging it out for 3rd and, reluctantly, I give the edge to the Rangers. While the Jackets are (finally) a good team, they're still a player or two away from being solid play-off contenders.

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