Jackets should look a little closer to what they already have! and also, find a better goalie!

In my personal opinoin, the Jackets have what they need to succeed right now, except for in goal!… the players need to put it all together though, the coaches need to stop tinkering with the lines and let the players gel with each other, and the front office needs to trade away boll, mackenzie, pahlsson, methot, a. johnson and even mason, throw in some sort of picks and try to get goalie Brian Elliot from STL or even Corey Schneider from VAN. that would help out in the net, then the front office needs to call up some of our Springfield players, such as those who put points on the board…my lines would look like this…

line 1 : LW Nash C Brassard RW Prospal
line 2 : LW Atkinson C Carter RW Johansen
line 3 : LW Umberger C Vermette RW Kubalik
line 4 : LW Calvert C Russell RW Dorsett
healthy scratch: Giroux (this guy puts up points all day in the AHL, give him a chance)

Yes, having a checking line is good and all, but if all they can do is check, then its not good at all…We need people that can score and people that can get those scorers the puck! Nash and Carter can never survive on the same line they are scorers…now, Prospal and Johansen can get those 2 the puck to score. Brassard and Atkinson can score and move the puck….this completes my top 2 lines…a goal scorer + a scorer/mover+ a puck mover = goals scored and possible Wins! Now the bottom 2 lines on the other hand have guys defensive and offensive abilities…I really like Vermette and Umberger on the same line, they play well together and you could almost call my 3rd line a checking line with the potential of scoring goals. The 4th line is harder for me to decipher, but they all have major hustle and Dorsett is finding himself able to put up some points like he did in the minors, Calvert can put up some points and Russell has speed and so far good defensive skills…and now my defensive Pairings

D1: Tyutin Wisniewski
D2: Nikitin Lebda
D3 Savard Moore

The Defensive side is harder to figure out, so any combo will do, but the talent is there along with some experience. Tyutin is a great 2way defender, Wiz can move the puck and put up points, Nikitin is very good defensively, Lebda played for DET (enough said), Savard and Moore are both still growing and have high ceilings…plus we still have some prospects in the minors…

Our weakest link…the Goalie!!! Mason plays to far out of the net too often and that is where i see him getting beat a lot. not to mention he doesnt play his rebounds very well. If we could get a good goalie there in place of Mason, such as Elliot or Schneider, that would give us a great chance to win games, and let Dainton and Forsberg learn the game in the minors!!!…now i am obviously not a scout for an NHL team or any member for that matter…but i have been a CBJ fan for their existence! and this is what I would like to see!!! any comments?

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