Shrapnel - 1/27/12

Thank you, Mr. Mac.

As protest threats and media snarl threaten to consume the attention of the fanbase, the Blue Jackets majority owner has finally spoken out.

Too long in coming? Perhaps, but it is at least a start, and a sign that the majority owner is not deaf to the talk in the air. As fans, are you happy to hear that McConnell seems to be getting more and more comfortable with a nuclear option?

Are we satisfied with indications that JPM envisions a totally different team by the trade deadline, much less free agency?

From where I sit, I certainly like the sound of what is being promised, even if I'm still hoping to see the team address their lack of hockey knowledge around Scott Howson and Mike Priest, but it's still just words on a page, and I'm not happy about the fact that it took Rome being lit aflame before the Emperor admitted that he's aware of a problem.

Translate word to deed, and let's see what we get.

So, you might have heard the All Star Draft was last night. Still strange to not see Rick Nash up there, but Ryan Johansen will be playing for Team Chara, while most of the players fans actually like will be over on Team Alfredsson. (Or, as my Fiancee calls it, Team Ginger. Seriously, did he have a goal of grabbing all the redheads in addition to all the Swedes?)

Travis makes a good argument that the new draft is the best part of the weekend, but I'm still looking forward to the skills comp. on Saturday and the game itself, while Bob Hunter writes that the injuries this season have taken some shine off the game.

Back to home, CTF talks about really building through the draft, Rob finds a few pleasant surprises amid the frustration, and Martini Hockey warns that the upcoming protest needs to mind just what message they send.

Puck Daddy looks at Tim Thomas' claims of unwavering support (which are weakened by the fact he refuses to actually discuss anything) and comparing the two All Star rosters, while Backhand Shelf recaps the whole draft, looks at the NHL's identity, and Mr. Martini still doesn't get why the ASG isn't on NBC instead of Versus NBC Sports Network.

At Dark Blue Jacket, the titular man himself is back from his long strange trip, and he's unloaded a few doozies, including a big question about this team, and how he would personally take on the management and roster if he had the ability.

At Ten Minute Misconduct, Jeff argues some fans doth protest too much, Fire The Cannon celebrates their 100th show, and finally, a fan got on youtube to offer an open letter to the team:

Happy Friday!

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