A Rant Directed At Scott Arniel

Hey, Arniel, I just loved the treatment you gave Lori Schmidt, last night. The lady, doing her job, pointed out he obvious. That the Jackets get scored on heavily during 4-on-4's. And your reaction? Well, I've seen spoiled 5 year-olds throw less of a temper tantrum. Here's a fact, you've been handed the most talented team in Blue Jackets history and at what is, effectively, the mid-point of the season, that team has a record of 10-23-5. It is the worst team, by record, in the league. More astoundingly, the Jackets' record in 2000-2001, with a much, much less talented roster, finished with a record of 28-39-9-6. Take just a moment to think about that. Right now, only 38 games into the season, your team has only 16 fewer losses and only one less overtime loss than that collection of has-beens, never-was', role players and rookies accumulated for an entire season!!! Damn, I'm glad I can't afford season tickets, because I wold certainly feel ripped off by now.

Here's the thing, Lori Schmidt and the other reporters assigned to cover the team are only asking the questions we fans are asking ourselves. So what, if you don't like the questions! They are legitimate questions and part of your job is actually answering those questions like a mature, reasonable adult.

I've got to hand it to you, you've actually got your immediate boss, Scott Howson, blaming the players for the team's failings. Yet, no matter how frustrated those players are, none have ever been so rude, nor so childish as to pull what you did, last night.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. No one wants to admit their shortcomings. That's human nature. But, Mr. Arniel, anyone with brains enough to count to ten without looking at their fingers knows what the Blue Jackets' primary problem is, this year. I'll clue you in, since it seems obvious that you have about as much intelligence as a jar of peanut butter.

Yes, goaltending has been a problem. Yes, players have been injured and suspended. Yes, the blueline corps could be playing better. All that is true. But the #1 problem with the Blue Jackets this year is you.

Mr. Arniel, I am not a masochist. Yes, I am hockey fan and a Blue Jackets fan. Yes, I would love to stand on High Street with thousands of others, cheering my team to thank them for bringing the Stanley Cup to Ohio. But that is not going to happen with you as head coach.

As I said, I am not a masochist. Therefore, rather than punish myself, I am disassociating myself from the Blue Jackets until someone in the front office cans you and brings in a coach who isn't a moron. No attending games, no watching games on tv, no listening to them on the radio. Other than following a couple of blogs about the team (So that I don't have to be punished by reading game recaps.), I will not have a damned thing to do with the team you have totally f***ed up.

Thank you, Mr. Arniel, for showing me that one idiot can actually bring me to the point of not watching the game I've loved for more than 40 years.

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