Shrapnel 9/3/11

We're now two weeks away from NHL teams taking the ice for the first day of training camp, and news from all over the NHL is picking up the pace accordingly.

The Blue Jackets have released a nice time lapse video of the ice being installed at Nationwide, while the the folks in Winnipeg are savoring their own preparations.

Over at Puck Daddy, Justin Bourne talks about prepping for camp and motivation.

Lori Schmidt had a nice interview with Scott Howson, including discussion of potentially extending R.J. Umberger. Yes, some people will focus on the fact that the two sides have not started negotiating, but remember that the team has the entire season ahead of them, R.J. himself is receptive to the idea, and there's a pretty decent chance that he and his agent could pop in for lunch a few days ahead of training camp and start laying groundwork. Knowing Howson's love of "Plan A / Plan B", I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's got a few different proposals ready to go.

Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick Dennis Robertson works during the summers as a lifeguard. Yesterday he and two of his teammates helped save the lives of three young swimmers.

Some news from Sweden thanks to @CBJProspects - Anton "Sock" Forsberg has another pre-season shutout for MODO, and there's a very familiar face wearing the "C" in Omskoldsvik these days.

Is winning the Presidents trophy less about being the best team in hockey, and more about playing in a weak division?

Over at HockeyTracker, Marc takes some time to discuss Scott Howson's busy summer and the Fedor Tyutin extension.

The Red Wings have announced a corporate sponsorship with Amway. Make all the "Go Diamond!" jokes you like, but there's a Detroit business blog who thinks the real reason is that the Illitch family could be making a deal now to help fund a new arena later.

The CBC's P.J. Stock is stating that Wade Belak's death was accidental. The funeral for Wade will be held in Nashville on Sunday. Regardless of what happened or why, we hope he will rest in peace, and that this will be the first step towards closure and healing for his family.

Mike Green is sick of these motherf***in' early playoff exits on this motherf***in' Capitals team.

After the return of the Winnipeg Jets, it's not surprising that fans in Quebec are making noise about wanting the Nordiques back - and it appears that a battle for funding a new NHL ready arena is already underway in local politics.

Finally, another movie themed preview at Puck  Daddy for the Boston Bruins.

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