Shrapnel - 7/9/11

Not  surprisingly, the Blue Jackets news cycle finally seems to be slowing down, though fans have still clearly been feeling a strong buzz around the club after all the offseason activity. But that's not to say there aren't interesting things out there - just that we have to take a bit deeper look.

For example, how about Derick Brassard taking part in Gatorade Training Day for ESPN? He's even sporting one of the team's Sweden trip t-shirts.

OK, so maybe there's more news than that, but we're starting things off easy...

Over at the main SBNation NHLpage, Derek takes a look at ranking every NHL team's TV broadcasting team. Columbus's ranking may surprise quite a few people.

NHL ownership is back in the news, as well. Former Coyotes suitor Matthew Hulsizer has turned his gaze to the St. Louis Blues, while a former Texas Rangers CEO has emerged as a possible candidate for the Dallas Stars. Hopefully one or both will pan out relatively soon - less ownership dramas mean a stronger league.

Over at TMM, Jeff considers the Jackets' moves, and Scott Howson's decision to step away from the canvas to consider the final product.

Former Springfield Falcons captain Ben Guite has signed a deal with San Jose. It's a one year, two-way deal, so I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up providing a similar leadership role in Worcester for their prospects.

DBJ takes a look at Craig Leopold's "leak" and reacts to the possible realignment.

Justin Bourne has a nice look at prospect camps, both from the perspective of a player and watching for a day at this season's Coyotes camp in Phoenix.

At Pucks and Stuff, an interesting tale of an Adam Foote signed puck, and the experience the fan had getting it.

Trying to ease their cap situation, the Washington Capitals have dealt Eric Fehr to Winnipeg.

Lastly, some strong words from Dean Lombardi about the Oilers lack of integrity in the Fraser deal. Much like Paul Holmgren has suddenly become far less popular with free agents, you have to wonder if it's going to be a chill day in the underworld before another team makes a deal with Edmonton without requiring the player go through a medical evaluation prior to anything becoming official.

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