Shrapnel - 7/28/11

Happy Thursday! 

Looks like Michael Arace decided to weigh in on the Dry Island "story", and classed things up by adding Animal House references. (Does this mean that Paul Holmgren is Dean Wormer, and Chris Pronger is Greg Marmalard?)

In Former Jacket news, Nikolay Zherdev is unhappy about how his season in Philly went down.

Until and unless the Rangers buyout any players, they appear to be done this summer after coming to terms with Ryan Callahan. Over at CBJ Blog, Andy thinks Callahan's deal could help set the market for R.J. Umberger.

(Speaking of RJU, can't believe he was left off the top 25 LWs by Puck Daddy. #16 in points last season, a better performance overall than a couple of the guys Mr. McCaig lists in his top ten, and he doesn't even get an honorable mention? Shame, sir. Shame.)

R.J. probably doesn't care too much, though - he's too busy getting ready to help out at Blue Jackets hockey school along with Mark Dekanich, Jared Boll, and Derek Dorsett.

The Predators appear to be no closer to a deal with Shea Weber, and could be the first team to actually go ahead with Arbitration this summer. Perhaps the mistake is going through his agent, instead of addressing his beard.

Larry Larson, "Mr. High School Sports" and a fixture of CBJ coverage on 610 WTVN since the team arrived, retires today. Congratulations, sir. Check out this wonderful tribute.

Have dreams of an NHL franchise in Kansas City come to an end? 

Rob Kunz has a look at the Vinny Prospal signing for 10TV's Wall to Wall Sports blog.

The Chicago Blackhawks are inviting Ray Emery to training camp on a tryout. Smart move. I wish Ray luck - his recovery - dare we say redemption? - has been nothing short of stunning.

Hey, they found the last set of bugs planted in the White House by the Nixon Administration.

With the Jackets' current TV deal set to expire next year, some have wondered if Sports Time Ohio might be a potential contender - but this report from WFNY indicates that STO itself is not in the best of shape.

With his appeal dropped, Nikolai Khabibulin is headed to tent city.

Want to meet Alison L. of "Heart of a Jacket" and many other CBJ fans? She gives you a hint on how to find them.

Have a good one, and be careful - it's almost Friday out there.

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