Shrapnel - 7/27/11

We're reaching the point where people do regrettable things as they try to get through the summer without hockey - but the good news is, the internet is here to help us!

We'll go forward, though, by starting to go back - check out this reminder of David Vyborny's 450th career game in Columbus. At the time, he was setting the team iron man record that now belongs to R.J. Umberger.

But the thing about nostalgia is that as pleasant as it can be, you shouldn't let it rule your life. Unless you're the Islanders, and we're talking about Alexei Yashin, in which case feel free to step in front of that runaway failtrain.

CBJ Blog has a nice defense of Mike Priest this morning.

Nikolai Khabibulin is going behind bars after dropping his appeal against his DUI conviction. Lisa McRitchie has more over at Copper & Blue.

The Jackets have announced some offseason relief with the return of their Slap Shots Summer Special (nice alliteration!) over on Fox Sports Ohio. The program will basically be a 30 minute look at the Draft, the Jeff Carter deal, Free Agency, and more, including a sit down with Scott Howson.

The Penguins have signed former Jacket Jason Williams on a two way deal. Good luck to Jason - he was a solid guy here in Columbus and injuries have really been a problem of late. I hope this is a sign that he'll be back on track soon.

Martini Hockey has his own quick recap of July, and his title really sums things up well.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, it looks like they're working on hosting next summer's NHL draft. What makes this interesting is the Flyers have also been trying to host the event. Either way, it might just be time for a road trip.

This won't shock you too much, but Justin Bourne explains why it sucks to kill penalties.

A beautiful NHL season,in video form. Hat tip to Skraut for pointing it out. The Jackets have some "oh god" moments in there, but they also have some "OH YEAH!" moments, too.

Fox Sports Ohio had another day with Antione Vermette, including tagging along for on ice workouts. Supposedly they're on to Ottawa next - sounds like the next featured player could be Marc Methot.

Over at Arctic Ice Hockey, Gabe asks does QualComp really matter?

Non-hockey, but cool: An amazing memorial mashup for Amy Winehouse.

Section 303 has some ideas on how to fix the NHL Network's offseason programming. Gotta hand it to them - they've got some good ideas.

Puck Daddy continues their prospective rankings for next season by position with Right Wings - you may recognize #4 on the list.

Is the NHL headed for another lockout? The National Post takes a look. Short answer: Probably not. Long answer: Probably not, but there are some potential reasons why it could occur.

That's all for now, but you might want to consider some alternatives today.

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