Shrapnel - 12/20/11

Good morning, and beware! It's 5 days until Christmas.

Today is also Derek Dorsett's birthday! A very happy birthday to you, and thank goodness you're not on crutches.

Also in the congratulations department, you may remember Chef Ed Kowalski, who talked to us about the rookie camp cooking classes this summer. Well, he and his girlfriend got engaged yesterday at Dirty Frank's, one of the best post-game hangouts downtown. Congrats to the happy couple!

In more directly hockey related news, Boone Jenner the first goal of the night for Team Canada as they topped Finland in a WJC warmup last night. Want to watch a replay of the whole game? TSN can help.

In case you missed it, Milan Lucic missed last night's game due to his hit on Zac Rinaldo, and Rene Bourque will miss two games for his hit on Brent Seabrook.

Dan looks at the St. Louis game over at Carry The Flag, while Gary looks at Bang for the Buck at FTC.

Another tempest in the NHL teacup comes in Montreal, where Interim head coach Randy Cunneyworth doesn't speak French. Puck Daddy argues that if he can make the team win, it doesn't matter, Bourne argues that Montreal's unique environment requires a bilingual coach, and Travis thinks that if he wants the job, Cunneyworth needs to at least make the effort.

Over at Jackets Report, Rob talks about Monday reflections and takes a look at Predators leading scorer Craig Smith.

The Hockey Guys check in on Jake Voracek, and one member of the Buffalo Media is banging the "FIRE EVERYONE, TRADE MILLER!" drum.

LTL looks at the attitude and expectations, Gallos wonders if part of Scott Howson's remarks of late were aimed at Rick Nash, while Jeff Little looks at things from the other side of the coin.

At Backhand Shelf, Chris Mason has awesome new pads, Ellen Etchingham has an editorial about career ending concussions, Cam discusses the Blues, Puck Daddy catches a live action jersey foul, the Jackets are surprisingly absent in the 10 worst hockey decisions of 2011, and the Puck Daddy holiday ornament contest is in full swing.

Allen York has been called up to Springfield from the Express, and Alison has an "A List" over at DBJ.

Finally, don't forget the NHL's roster freeze begins today and lasts through January 1st, so no trades can occur until after New Year's.

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