Shrapnel - 12/14/11

Well, that was pretty fun!

We've got some recaps of the shootout victory from the dispatch, Martini Hockey, DBJ, Fire That Cannon, Puck-Rakers, and of course we had a few things to say.

In case you'd missed the 10,000 announcements, HBO 24/7: Rangers / Flyers starts tonight. Sadly, I don't think this eruption will be in tonight's episode. Maybe next week.

Michael Arace talked to Mason about getting back on the horse, and Mitch covered Wiz and his shootout prowess.

The coaching carousel is spinning in LA, and it sure looks like Darryl Sutter will get the job, but Travis sees a possibility that John Stevens could hang on. That possibility was probably not helped by the Kings getting smacked 4-0 last night.

LTL has a bit of this and that while the FTC folks have a few questions.

Tomas Vokoun has not looked terribly solid for the Capitals after signing a 1 year deal. But is it Vokoun, or the system? (P.S. - I'd happily send Sanford or Dex to Washington in exchange for Vokoun and getting Chimmer back...)

At Carry The Flag, it's time to put on makeup, it's time to light the lights, it's time for scoring in Columbus on the Muppet show tonight! Wait, no, that's not how it goes...

Over at Backhand Shelf they're looking at the best saves from last night and a pretty intense tilt between Toronto and Carolina, complete with Cam Ward shattering his stick after allowing the OT game winner to Tim Connolly.

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison is restrained and dignified at the news that Derek Dorsett could be back in the lineup on Thursday, while Jeff discusses coaching and callups at Ten Minute Misconduct.

At Puck Daddy, we've got a Buffalo Baptism (complete with Jersey Foul!), the Flyers won without Giroux, the latest concussion victim, Shea Weber's shot is ridiculous, the rats are back in Florida, the Sharks want to help you with holiday shopping, while Nikita Filatov talks about going back to Russia. He's saying all the right things, but part of the problem with Filatov is that he has always said the right things. His actions, however, speak far louder than his words. He's had three chances to break into the NHL now with two different teams, and he's returned to Russia each time. Despite claiming that he wants to give it another try, how many teams will really give him a chance?

Finally, over at DBJ Alison has a plan for ladies' night, while Greg sees another coach biting the dust.

Have a great morning!

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