Shrapnel - 12/13/11

Let's start off with some good news: Another major hurdle in the arena deal has been cleared. Didn't even hear about that, did you? Kinda flew under the radar?

Look, we may all question the hell out of Mike Priest's hockey sense, but as a businessman he is freakin' sharp.

We had some other news popping around the NHL last night, in case you missed it. First, the Anaheim Ducks and New Jersey Devils swung a trade to send Kurtis Foster back East.

Meanwhile, out in LA, Terry Murray was given his walking papers after news broke that he was likely to be fired this week. Interestingly, his interim replacement is former Flyers coach John Stevens, who was fired for almost the exact same reasons in Philly. (Columbus will see Stevens for his second game behind the bench on Thursday night.) It doesn't look like Stevens should get too comfy, though. There are already rumors of a Sutter in waiting.

Over at Puck Rakers we have discussion of putting Mason back into the net and Dane Byers coming up, while the main Dispatch notebook talks about the need to stay out of the box.

Over at SBN, Travis is calling not for an end to fighting, but an end to the Enforcer.

At Carry The Flag, Dan has a roster review for you, while DBJ pops a question to Scott Howson and Gallos talks about the road to respectability.

At Backhand Shelf, Bourne talks scoring leaderboard craziness, Cam weighs in on The Church of Yeo, and their full interview with Brian Burke is now up.

In case you missed it, Mike spent some time talking NCAA prospects.

Speaking of College Hockey, Puck Daddy has news of an ugly incident at Boston U. Also at PD, Theo Fleury fires back after a disgusting article claimed the sexual assault victim was an enabler of his predator, the NHL's most influential businessmen, the best beer league trophies ever, and Dmitry takes you to the rebirth of Lokomotiv.

Since two major news items today involved sexual assault, and that may be a trigger for some readers, please remember that you can and should ask for help if you have been a victim or know someone who has been hurt by sexual violence. Please call 1-800-656-HOPE for the National Sexual Abuse Hotline, or use their online hotline. There is no shame in reaching out for help.

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