Shrapnel - 11/16/11

With another bad loss putting ashes into fan's mouths, we try to rinse out and move on before the Jackets hit the road.

We've got game recaps here, from Crimespree HockeyDBJPuck Rakers, and LTL

Over at Icethetics they're looking forward to a special announcement today: the return of the Orlando Solar Bears!

Back at Light the Lamp, LTL also went over to check out OSU's nationally ranked Men's hockey team and found them good (and cheap!). With the Jackets on the road the rest of this week, it's certainly an option if you're looking for live hockey that may not end in tears. Plus we've got our own Green Men ripoffs, apparently.

Over at Backhand Shelf, Alex Auld talks about his lid, they go to the film room to break down a horrific Chris Thorburn shift, and start the "Claude Giroux for Hart Trophy" bandwagon.

Remember when Jackets' Prospect T.J. Tynan didn't plan to play for Notre Dame? Given that he's currently the NCAA leader in assists and scoring, I'd say he's pretty happy about changing his mind, and his all around play is drawing notice.

A nice "WHOA" moment from last night's Avalanche / Penguins game saw Matt Duchene and Evgeni Malkin tradiing some sick nasty goals.

This probably won't shock you, but Scott Howson was reported as "heavily working the room" at yesterday's GM meetings. Speaking of the meetings, it seems goalie protection was a big issue after this past weekend - Milan Lucic may be counting his blessings that Boston's schedule forced Shanny to rule beforehand. Somewhat surprisingly it sounds like there was an update on realignment, but no real discussion. Could it be that the fix is already in?

The Jackets Notebook points out that Rick Nash really needs to get rolling.

Over at Hockey Prospectus, Rob Vollman takes a look at Corsi stats and finds the Jackets as a team that may be a lot better than their record.

Bad news for Chris Stewart - he's got Mr. Shanahan on Line One.

Finally, over at Puck Daddy we have more hockey hugs, the Maple Leafs may or may not have reached out to Marty Turco, thinking about their top ten candidates for next year's hall of fame, and a safety debate in junior hockey after a tragic death of a young player from blocking a shot.

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