Shrapnel - 10/22/11

Well, it's Saturday. Who wants waffles?

The recaps of last night's exercise in frustration start here. We've also got takes from DBJPuck Rakers, and more composed thoughts at the Dispatch.

Over at Backhand Shelf they're talking about Cup Hangover (a problem 28 other teams would love to have), a question on if old school coaching is actually good or nota proposal to redefine how we classify forwards, and why big saves can start big slumps.

An outsider's view of the troubles from Hockey Prospectus sees a lot of problems rooted in the lack of Wiz (and recent lack of Carter), but certainly doesn't save Steve Mason from criticism.

Icethetics is doing another IceHL design contest!

Over at Strait Jackets, Dannie has named this week's boyfriend, while Katharine wraps up the Falcons' week. She's also reporting on Twitter that John Moore may be on his way to Ottawa to spell the injured Radek Martinek - we'll let you know more when we get official confirmation from the club.

PHT is wondering if Daniel Alfredsson could get traded to a contender in hopes of putting his name on the Cup, looked at the beatings continuing while the morale does not improve, why it's good to play next to Joe Thornton, and debating how long Kari Lehtonen can carry the Stars, though Loui Eriksson seems to be doing just fine, thanks.

Martini Hockey does a little Catching Up, Jeff talks a bit about the need for trust, and netminder Mathieu Corbeil gave a post-game interview after returning from his emergency recall to pitch a shutout.

Over at Puck Daddy, Saku Koivu was a bit player in a weird tax fraud story, Peter Forsberg admits he should have walked away earlier, Lambert lambasts the Canucks fanbase for their calls to give Schneider the starting job, Mike Gillis says very similar things to the Vancouver media, Shea Weber got off light for his boarding call, but George Parros may be the next in the hot seat.

Late addition: Alex Stallings talking about the Bruised Jackets.

OK. Breathe deep. Shake it out. Tonight is another chance. It's a fresh day. Go Jackets.

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