Shrapnel - 10/19/11

So, a fan sent me this today.

Also, I have to make the obligatory "Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh My..." joke. Rumors that the grizzly bear might be signed as the new backup goaltender are COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Reports that Curtis Sanford is out for up to a month, though, are accurate, and it looks like we'll be seeing Allen York soon.

I heard a few things about people wanting to do an exorcism, holy water in the zamboni, or something similar to clear the team's bad luck. Then I thought that sounded kind of familiar, so I looked around.

Supposedly a fan has been putting holy water on the ice since the team made the playoffs. Now, let's consider the team's results since 2009.

I think that this year's bad luck, especially, is a sign: Holy water is NOT compatible with hockey. Perhaps we need to go the complete opposite direction - is Lemmy Kilmister available? Could we convince the guys from Slayer to come in? Or maybe we just need Henry Rollins to come in and give a little of the old Hank Wisdom to the boys. Plus, hey, Henry Rollins is awesome.

OK, let's go ahead and cover the bad news: here's our recapCTF, a short but sweet one from CBJ Blogthe other side of the iceDBJColumbus Wired, the Jackets JournalPuck Rakers by Arace, and a contrasting take from Shawn Mitchell in the Dispatch.

A minor highlight: Derick Brassard's goal was the 2000th in Franchise history. I have a feeling he'd rather have celebrated a win, but still worth noting.

Some Shanabusiness for you: Kris Letang was given two games for a hit on Winnipeg's Alexander Burmistrov, while Dennis Seidenberg could be hearing from him next after last night's Hurricanes / Bruins game got completely out of hand.

Did you notice a trend at last night's game? Yes, other than losing. DBJ put a plan into action, and it seems to be spreading.

Over at Backhand Shelf, they looked at broken plays leading to highlight reels. Expect Jamie Benn's goal from last night to show up in that category.

The BS team also talked to J.S. Giguere about his new masklaunched their podcast, determined the new head shot rules appear to be making an impact, and caught Gary Bettman attempting not to legislate trash talk (plus it's a pretty interesting interview.)

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison is back from riding in the YSC's Tour De Pink (congratulations!), and wonders if fans need to be careful what they wish for.

Over at Puck Daddy, they looked at Evander Kane getting a jersey escape clause, took a moment to reflect on Kevin Bieksa's close relationship with Rick Rypien and the additional layer of pain to what was already a tragedy, Eric Lindros possibly getting the band back together for the Winter Classic, Jon Mirasty being Jon Mirasty, and the Blue Jackets early season disasters. Now, note that their first paragraph is about how quickly things can change in the NHL, but also consider the truth that right now, our special teams are a complete $%*#show, and that's a BIG reason for the problems.

 Bob Hunter is running out of patience in today's column.

Over at PHT, they were able to grab the Canucks tribute video for Rick Rypien (and a major FAIL to NHL network or the Center Ice / GCL feed managers for not showing this live), talk about the Senators calling a players only meeting after another loss, and feed some early trade speculation. (For the record, if Calgary really wants to move Rene Bourque, I'm interested...)

Lori Schmidt suggests another way to support the Jackets and a few of their favorite underdogs.

Over at the Globe & Mail, James Mirtle talks about Phil Kessel's scoring technique. Maybe the guys should take notes.

Finally, Cody Bass came out swinging, but did the "stiffness" help?

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