Shrapnel - 10/17/11

Good morning!

If you think you had a bad day yesterday, compare it to the Jackets, who came home and were bag skated for a full hour. Portzline put a few more details in Puck Rakers, and discussed the minor injuries for both Jeff Carter and Marc Methot.

Over at Backhand Shelf, there's a thoughtful essay about the mental struggles in accepting the levels of violence in hockey, particularly with the grey area of "player safety" in recent years.

Over at Carry The Flag, Dan spends some time breaking down the goals against for Dallas. As we've said, the defense was awful on three of the four goals - these are plays you can't even make in NHL12, but an actual NHL team let it happen repeatedly.

Alexander Ovechkin hanging out with Mike Tyson? Alexander Ovechkin hanging out with Mike Tyson.

Over at The New Jackets Fan, Chris talks about the team needing to make more of a connection between the fans and players. In the team's defense, they do a lot of events like public autograph sessions, community appearances, and public giveaways, but I think the heavy early schedule is playing against them right now compared to what the Crew is doing.

After his public apology, a pair of opposing viewpoints on Don Cherry, where Bruce Dowbiggin doesn't buy his sincerity, while the National Post's Bruce Arthur thinks that we'll miss him when he's gone.

Sadly, Jeff Little's excellent blog covering this past weekend is not by someone named Bruce. But perhaps we can call him Bruce just to keep it clear. 

Over at PHT, they feature Max Pacioretty giving back to the Montreal community and some more bad news for Pens fans - Evgeni Malkin is on the shelf for the near future.

Driving Play took another look at the Flyers efforts to replace Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, and not surprisingly you find them both making a lot of things happen, particularly Carter, who was playing against some of the toughest competition. One more reason to hope for his speedy recovery.

Over at Dark Blue Jacket, DBJ searches desperately for a  scapegoat some answers, while Gallos drinks some more kool-aid.

Your Puck Daddy roundup: The Plymouth Whalers (former Junior team of your own Jared Boll and James Wisniewskigo to the next level for cancer awareness, the KHL is expanding to Italy (?!), Phil KesselThreat or Menace?, and more Battle of the Blades recaps, in case you felt like you needed some high octane nightmare fuel.

 Finally, in case you missed it, GopherState is back with more updates on the Jackets' prospects playing for the Golden Gophers.

Have a good day, we'll be back later!

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