A One-Sided Argument with a Stubborn Red Wings fan.

I literally had to come straight home from work and vent some of my frustration out here. Let's just say having an extremely one-sided argument with a 'fanatical' Detroit fan, isn't necessarily the best discussion you could ever have at work. Let's just put it this way, by night's end, I was ready to Jared Boll this dude's ass.....sum it up for you? Good.


I'm gonna break this down to some of the categories that we touched on with the basis being a Detroit fan(who is so completely Detroit (for the reason that they wear red? yet he is an OSU me that is only the beginning of the frustration and mystery that is this man's brain) that he won't even let you say one thing about your club without having to insult it because...well...his club is better.)

One of the subjects we 'discussed' (and I do use this word to the loosest extent) was players. According to Detroit Man (that's what I'll call him to assume anonymity for this poor lost soul) Detroit is loaded with players and Columbus has only Rick Nash (who he does confess a love for but that's about all he will admit or give to CBJ) He started listing off every player: Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Rafalski, etc. and then insulted Columbus about having no one, other then Mr. Nash. He went on to say if I was to ask someone from Philly (because he knows I'm a big Flyers fan) or Boston or the likes that no one would be able to name 3 players off the Columbus roster....I find that hard to believe, maybe he is just hiding the fact that he frequents Nationwide to watch Detroit and still can't seem to remember names against a team with his team's own division. ::shrugs::

Next is the absurdity of Columbus in his eyes as a team.

Blue Jacket? What's that? I hate that name! Why are they wearing blue and not OSU colors? I would love them if they wore OSU colors. (great reason to like a team btw.) This is pretty much the tip of the iceberg too. He went on to say that Columbus hasn't done much of anything in the past 10 years of being conceived and delivered into the NHL and are no more then mere basement dwellers. Mind you, I don't think I have been this critical towards his team the way he was consistently bashing Columbus with every other sentence. I believe the most critical thing I said to him was that Detroit is getting older and eventually the empire will have to re-tool to stay relevant (something along those lines) anyways, that didn't sit too well with him neither, drawing even more hate and ire for not agreeing that Detroit is just the bee's knees.


We talked about finances even. I told him CBJ isn't a salary-cap team. WE HAVE A BUDGET! We are having problems paying for our arena. We literally don't have to type of cash that Detroit does. Nope, Nope,'re wrong. Columbus just wants to keep money in their pocket instead of spending it on product on ice. This was his response and then went on to rant about how Detroit spends X amount of dollars on this and that..."Well" I said, "When you have been around almost 100 years and able to build yourself into what you are, it tends to work out that way"...his response was along the lines that Columbus has had 10 years and have still done nothing...throwing out the sad fact we went to the playoffs, got swept by his team (him making a brooming gesture) and then we didn't make it the next season into the playoffs. He continued by saying that his team has the most playoff appearances or whatever, I tried my best to listen but it became increasingly clear that this conversation wasn't really going anywhere.


I brought up a couple facts. A.) Columbus IS the youngest team in the NHL B.) We did get hit hard with some pretty key injuries, esp. to our blue-line. No change in his attitude or response. "Detroit was hit with injuries and we still won" Ok? Well I don't think you lost the type of key players we did, or at the same time like we I mean Columbus isn't Detroit. I tried tirelessly to point out that comparing Columbus to Detroit was a terrible way to compare the teams. His consistent response was they are both NHL teams, in the same Conference/Division. Ok. Point in the fact that they are in the same everything but that doesn't make them the same team. Detroit is like Rome and Columbus is like Attila's barbarian army....probably bad analysis of it but I am too tired to think of anything different. Plus I like to think that Detroit will collapse just like Rome did....MMMMmmmmm, what a thought right now!

Anyways, I told him that Detroit has prime-aged, veteran type players and yes, they are the stronger team because of it. Columbus is working with a lot of youth and a problem with that is the ? that leaves. Are they even going to pan out? I don't know, I'd like to think so. He went on to ridicule the fact that we been at the bottom and yet we don't have 8 Patrick Kane-esqe player to show for it.  He also went on to salt the wound that our best D was basically Anton Stralman (at least point-wise) and how bad that was. Again, I tried to tell him that we got hit hard with injuries, What is a team to do? We have a lot of young players, are we suppose to throw them to the wolves? Do we just spend all of our money on a top name just so people can say that we have him?  This is the logic of a man who doesn't know this team, because he isn't a fan, but instead of hearing out someone that is! He would just as soon poo-poo any notion that the Jackets will become a threat to his team soon enough. He said that when that day comes he will be senile and probably won't care anyways......great argument Jack! (no, not his name)

I told him that we finally have some stability in the office, they have a plan, they aren't going to rush anything. They are ACTUALLY breaking the Ohio mold of running a sports team!!!!! That's not good enough for him because Detroit has it all figured out....again, 100 years to 10 years....BIG DIFFERENCE.

I think my favorite part of it all was when he made a snark comment that his team was. oh yeah! A Dynasty! What is Columbus? I made the point that the Oilers were a dynasty, Islanders were a dynasty, Habs have had dynasties....they don't last forever. He didn't seem to like that in the least bit. I told him eventually Lidstrom will leave because he is getting older, a lot of Detroits players are getting older and frankly, I haven't seen enough of their rookies come up and impress me all that much. See but I'm not a raving Red Wings fan, so I'd rather not make allegations of something I'm not sure of. Just going off what I've seen and what fans tell me because...I listen.

He also threw out the fact that Chicago lost a lot of people but since they still have Kane, Toews, Hossa, Keith, and Seabrook...they will be the same Hawks....Really? I told him he was crazy then he went and insulted my Flyers and that was about the end of the convo because I had enough of that.

I'm sure there is more but right now I can't think straight and I'm hungry and tired. I needed to put this up for 'real' hockey fans and CBJ fans that aren't completely stubborn as a mule's ass end. Please feedback, comments, snarky comments towards Detroit Man.....if I think of some of the other parts of this heated argument because that's what it boiled down to and put them on here later. Til then CARRY THE FLAG.



Oh yeah...since I can't say it at work and I apologize now for the language but FUCK YOU DETROIT MAN AND YOUR F'N RED WINGS!

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