Hey look, something new!

Hello Cannon faithful! Things have been pretty dull around here the last few days, with everything centered around the playoffs, and all. I'll be posting some new content pretty soon, and until then I'm coming to you for some advice. First, a little background. My first (and only) CBJ jersey is that of Rick Nash. Its getting pretty old, it was his jersey pre-"A" and obviously, pre- "C." Not to say its in bad shape, I'm very very picky about keeping my jerseys in great condition.

The time has come for me to buy a new jersey, and with the help of a recent birthday gift (a gift certificate for, cheap plug) I am starting to look around. I already have established a collection of jerseys from various athletes in every sport. My goal is to someday have a jersey with every number from 1-99 on it. Sound crazy? Could be.

My current collection includes:

#2 - Malcolm Jenkins

#10 - Troy Smith

#17 - Braylon Edwards

#20 - Greg Oden

#25 - Antonio Pittman

#33 - James Laurinaitis

#36 - Chris Spielman

#46 - Me (high school football)

#47 - AJ Hawk

#48 - Travis Hafner

#61 - Rick Nash


So here's what I'm looking for. Since I have a CBJ forward's jersey, I'd like to get a defenseman's, and a d-man that is or has been a staple of this team. This narrows it down to: Commie, Hejda, Rusty, Methot, Russ, Fedor.

I'm also trying to eliminate duplicate numbers, if at all possible. That takes Russ out of the picture. Although I'm not against making an exception - I think it would be great sporting his jersey around town. Plus with him being so young, I figure he'll be around at least a few more years, probably make it easier to get him to sign it.

Now I ask you, Jackets fans, what do I do!?!? Do I pick a current player or go back in time, and go with an Anders Eriksson, Lyle Odelein, Jaroslav Spacek, Jamie Heward maybe? How about a Dick Tarnstrom (just kidding) or a Christian Backman (definitely kidding).

FYI, if you haven't been to you can buy a blank jersey, and have it customized with a player and their number. This is the route to go if you can't seem to find your favorite player's gear in the Blue Line (I just know you're dying to get that Nathan Paetsch jersey). It also allows to re-create a jersey from someone who is no longer with the team.

Please vote and leave any other ideas you have!!!

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