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Finished watching the Jackets game against the San Jose Sharks and I must say, what a bad taste it left in my mouth...It did, however, motivate me to get on here and type this whole thing out because of the frustrations that I feel at the moment.

I have to start by saying that some of my comments made during the trade deadline was from being fired up about some things that didn't really go the way I was hoping. I love this team and always hope that things will turn and change into something miraculous. CBJ, all the way.

I have a few rebuttals, 1.) Commodore, I gave some thought on, and yes he is a player that Columbus could really use but I won't get over the fact that he REALLY IS overpaid.  2.) Howson needs a little slack from me, again yes, he is trying his heart out I'm sure for our team in hopes that he can really solidify a group of winners but I think he still needs to try to make a splash in THIS off-season.

Ok, first off, now that all that is out of the way...Steve Mason, I'm still 100% behind you. You are the goalie of the future for us and we need to really start looking at ways to give this kid as much help as possible, because THIS KID CAN WIN US GAMES but not alone (not entirely, sorry Mase) He can stand on his head every night but a combination of internal/external factors really hinder Mason's ability to put up more W's for us. That is also another thing, with the type of poor play from everyone, it disintegrates all momentum and winning comes at a premium.

Now I'm not accusing the Jackets of a lack of effort, not at all, just that what we have isn't enough. Ok, I'll also admit this season is essentially done, I don't see enough improvement in play for us to really make a legit push from the playoffs...I admit it. Watching them play tonight, it is still so evident that we just don't have the scoring touch on this team. Another reason why I didn't like the Torres trade because he plays consistent and has been finding the back of the net for us (even if it was for 1 season) but instead of getting someone that can come in and pick up where he left off, we get guys that don't even produce half the numbers of the guys we trade. Again, Chimera, I miss you....Chris Clark wasn't enough for you and Jurcina is gone so that trade was crap for us.....

So since the focus is going towards next season since this season is done...what are we thinking? what is Howson thinking? I did have a couple thoughts though, so please, call me crazy if you think so...

a.) I think the idea of maybe getting Plekanec (however its spelled) He might be what the doctor has been trying to prescribe for Rick Nash for the last few seasons. Good hands and very capable scorer, got plenty of upside and I think is coming up to the end of his contract in Montreal. Good call by Mike MacLean on prospecting him.

b.) Marleau is the big name being dropped in the off-season, honestly, I'd rather skip that and wait til Thornton becomes available....why? you should know why. Chemistry. Him and Rick are good friends and play very well off each other....I'm not sure what he has left for a contract so someone could fill that blank in later. Just saying that out loud...maybe just run with the Centers we have now and play it cool til Joe is free from the Shark Tank.

c.) Defense....what to do? Make a move for the more offensive, like Mr. Dan Boyle (remember, I said 'like', doesn't have to be Boyle) maybe someone more like Hamhuis...personally we need more offense at the blue-line. With grit like Klesla, Commie, Tyutin, Methot....don't need much more.

Also, can anyone tell me all the picks we have for the 2010-2011 season??? 

I got to say that I was so thrilled for the beginning of the season and the highlight had to have been the day I saw Columbus in the 3rd seed in the Western Conference...that is all a beautiful memory now. Offense. gone. Defense. doesn't show up. Goaltending. inconsistent. I think that we have relied on scoring a goal or two and getting ahead then coasting but with the NHL getting faster and seeing more production out of players, it is too tough to just win games when you score 1-2 goals a night. Just doesn't cut it. So I will end this with a question to all you Jackets faithful....

What do you see for the off-season going into the start of the 10-11 season? Stick to the youth trend, go for offensive bulk and try to get some scoring, or try to find D to help out young Mase and solidify our back end????

That's my rant...I could go on but probably wouldn't make sense

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