Shrapnel - 3/19 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: All-Star game, selling the CBJ, Calvert, tonight's lineups, Jake's hair, Boston's revenge, and more!


Hello, Friday. We missed you.



The Blue Jackets will attempt to host the All-Star game in 2013. Imagine the benefits of this happening. Tons of exposure for Columbus, the Jackets, all the revenue, having at least one Jacket in the game (Nash) and at least three more (looking at you Mase, Brass, Jake).

The Jackets are for sale? Thats what this article in the NY Times seems to think. With the arena lease and trying to make up for millions of dollars lost each year, its possible but nothing concrete has come from it.


BlueJackets XTRA:

As Mike reported on recently, Matt Calvert has signed a deal with the team. This kid is genuinely stoked about playing for Columbus next year. Great news, in my mind. He continues to praise the franchise for believing in him and his talents. Welcome to Columbus, Mr. Calvert!

Lineups for tonight:



Could the new relationship between the Jackets and the Springfield Falcons be temporary? The Lake Erie Monsters are Colorado's minor league affiliate for the time being, but both sides have an opt out clause after next season. This could allow Columbus to add Lake Erie as their newest affiliate by 2011. 

It would further the connection between Cleveland and Columbus in the sense that the Indians have the Clippers as their minor league team, and they have a business relationship with the Jackets. The Lake Erie Monsters are owned by Dan Gilbert (the majority owner of the Cavs). I think this would be tremendous for Columbus in the long run. Make it happen!

Earlier in the year, Jake's long flowing hair was the talk of the locker room. After the Detroit massacre (that started the downfall of the season) former head coach Ken Hitchcock asked Jake to cut his hair. Shortly after, Jake fell into a huge slump. Nowadays, the hair is back and what do you know, he's playing some great hockey. Long story short, Jake's long hair = a winning team.


Yahoo! Sports:

Thursday's Three Stars. I'd just like to make notice of Thomas Vokoun's little mishap. At least he's not the only one to make a mental mistake like that.

The forecast for the next 6 years: booing Ryan Kesler in a Vancouver uniform. He signed a 6-year $30 million dollar deal to stay up north. Good extension for the Canucks.

Do league officials play favorites when it comes to disciplining players? We all know that Alex Ovechkin was suspended for 2 games for boarding Brian Campbell. This time, Anaheim's James Wisniewski has been suspended for 8 games after running Campbell's teammate Brent Seabrook into the glass. Do you guys think there is a double standard for serious hits?

Paul Kariya is the latest player to join the 400-goal club. The benchmark goal helped lead the Blues past the Rangers on Thursday night.


Please note as of March 19, 2010, San Jose is no longer the top dog in the West. Its almost certain that they won't win the President's Trophy again either, with Washington way ahead in the East.


Quote of the Day:

"I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. They showed they believed in me by drafting me, and I'll always remember that. I love the city. I love the guys in the room. They were really cool to me in training camp (last fall). I'm excited to be a part of the organization for a long, long time."

- Matt Calvert on getting his entry-level deal signed.


Fight of the Night:

Pittsburg LW Matt Cooke v. Boston RW Shawn Thornton. My first reaction even before I watched the fight, was that it was retalliation for the hit Cooke put on Boston's Marc Savard.

FOTN Honorable Mention:

Pittsburg LW Michael Rupp v. Boston D Zdeno CharaVideo. Oh, Michael Rupp, how foolish you are.

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