Shrapnel - 3/11 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Lineups, Chelios, Mac's injury, Nash's medal, Oregon, a former Jacket fights, and more!


Is it Friday yet? 


BlueJackets XTRA:

Lineups for tonight. As always, there will probably be some tweak to them before game time.



Much like in the past, the third period has NOT been a friend to the Jackets. Here's a breakdown of just how bad its been. Only if hockey were 2 periods long we'd do so much better. Supposedly conditioning isn't a factor but how many more times will that be the excuse?

Chris Chelios was called up from the AHL and will likely join the Thrashers in their game tonight with Columbus. Just how old is Chelios? This puts it into perspective. I'm not kidding, my jaw 'bout hit the floor.

A recent call-up, Derek MacKenzie, saw his return to the NHL end suddenly. He suffered a sprained MCL and is likely out 3-4 weeks. This is unfortunate because I think Mac can be a great contributor to the team this late in the season. Who do you think the next call-up will be?



A random collection of notes.

Transcript from yesterday's chat.

Here's an update from the arena. Nasher out, Juice in. Maksim Mayorov playing with Antoine Vermette and Kristian Huselius. I don't know why, but I really like this decision. I've always wanted to see what he can do with the right line mates.



A look at Atlanta. There are also some other little notes in there. What do you think of the Boll situation? Does management let him walk or bring him back? At this point, I hate to say it, but he should be let go. His roster spot could be really valuable next year so its time to say goodbye to Boller.


Yahoo! Sports:

As Mike pointed out with the last game recap, Oregon's candidate for the Senate - Marc Delphine - has been using a reverse version of the Jackets logo for his campaign. The first thought that went through my head was "Hey, nice logo, you make that yourself?...cause you didn't." Fans quickly let the team know and they passed the issue along to the NHL. I don't think Delphine meant for it to happen, but hey, at least he's trying to raise awareness for our team.

From the land of the embarassing. I feel really bad for this kid. He seemed to take it really well but he'll hear about it for the rest of his life. I mean, c'mon. Its hockey, in Minnesota.

This article takes a look at Anthem etiquette. Seems like every team has their own thing, but Chicago's is the worst. I understand its been done for years and years, but its just disrespectful to drown out the song with your constant yelling and screaming.


Heading to the game Saturday? Get there when the doors open because from 6-7 Rick Nash's gold medal and game-worn jersey will be on display. While you're there, also bid on the St. Patrick's Day jerseys. Remember, all the money goes to the Blue Jackets foundation, so its worth it!


Quote of the Day:

"You can't give confidence. You can show it, but you can't give it. The players have to find it - work for it - themselves."

- Claude Noel, speaking on the constant breakdowns in third periods.

Fight of the Night:

Rangers LW Jody Shelley v. Devils LW Jean-Luc Letourneau-Leblond



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